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ABC Music  ‘A Beautiful Collection of Music’

Who and why?

ABC Music is an undercover project from Amsterdam Netherlands aiming for ” Like-Minded Souls Who Love Music”. We want to be appreciated for our track selection, mixing techniques and composition of the podcasts. Dedication, technology from past, present and future, and almost 20 years of electronic music experience is the soul of our music collective. The podcasts are published on SoundCloud, Mixcloud  and iTunes on a monthly base.


Our mission is to provide dj-sets with body and soul which are adopted by renowned online music platforms throughout the world.
We focus on ‘A Beautiful Collection of Music’, productions will follow when we think it meets the quality we strive to achieve and maintain.


We’ve played at clubs, special venues and festivals throughout Europe: Spindler & Klatt and Funturm in Berlin Germany, Club Reina in Istanbul Turkey, Studio 80 Amsterdam Holland, Club The Bridge Germany, Stubnitz, Club Cozy and Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam Holland, Groundzero, Multigroove, Fusion of Dance, Land of Confusion, OnlyTechno and Rock-it Festivals.

“Like-Minded Souls Who Love Music”

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